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Note to all: I am not a developer of nor am I any member of their team. I do have a prolific profile, however, that can be found at:

Please review releases to let me know what you think! Post URL's of any articles that fail to load or submit bug reports. Thanks very much!

This app is (from what I can test) faster than using the standard internet browser (or any browser for that matter). It is also much nicer for reading articles on your device as it formats the text to fit on screen - you can even set a custom font size to anything you want! It also has some nifty features like remembering your previous points and telling you how many you gained since you last used the app. This app was tested on Samsung Galaxy S2 I have no idea how it will work on other devices (it should do) or look on smaller screen sizes (account tab may have issues). Please submit a bug report if you have an issue and attach a screen shot!

This app is by no means complete yet but it is the only Code Project app for Android available on the web or Play Store (not put on the store yet) that actually works (as of 10/11/2012 - British date format). Therefore, despite its shortcomings, it's the best there is, so I hope you like it.

The app already has quite a few features. Please see the comments associated with the releases for a full list. Here are a few screenshots (including some of the upcoming V1.1.6 - hover over them to see which!)

Home TabArticle Tab (and logged in menu)Account Tab (with my profile loaded)Articles list on Account Tab (my articles loaded)Reputation gain messageLogin dialogSelect item types (in Search Tab)Select Forums view (V1.1.6 preview image)

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