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Installation Guide

To install the application, simply download the latest APK release and copy it to your Android device. Run the APK on your device and agree to install it. See this page for latest stable download: App Version The permissions used are:
  • Internet: For accessing
  • Write to External Storage: For caching and saving a few settings.
  • Install Package: Used for installing updates. Android still asks you (the user) to confirm that this is okay. Always agree to overwriting the existing app.

This app contains no adverts and is not funded in any way. I am one developer doing this in my free time - don't expect this to be totally bug free!

Please keep checking for new releases (follow the project to get notifications) as there will probably be frequent updates/releases for bug fixes and new features. Automatic updating now exists! Choose in Preferences whether you wish to update to the latest stable App Version or Dev App Version! Please review releases to let me know what you think!

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