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1.1.6 U9

  • Upgraded app to handle the new CP Windows 8 Style UI (was much easier than I thought it would be :D 
  • About the Author section was displayed at bottom of article if there were multiple auhors. - Searches now display multiple authors properly
  • Fixed continuously repeating the same update issue.
  • App menu reordered a bit 
  • Removed loading messages for Home tab when content has already been loaded - silent reload. 
  • Separate image loaders for accounts and articles so their queues can be cleared separately. Suspect this was why some images "failed" to load - they were cancelled! 
  • Re-enabled Settings activity back button. *Please remember to click save in the menu!
  • Shifted LoadInitialAccountInfo call into end of OnCreate - will no longer reload every time you go back to the main activity, only when it gets recreated.
  • Shifted checking for updates into OnCreate - reduces check frequency.
  • Removed all use of AsyncTask - As pointed out on a StackOverflow question, only one instance of an AsyncTask may run at once. Now using a custom thread manager and Runnables. 
  • Bookmarks now downloads Tip/Trick bookmarks too
  • Auto-update enable/disable option added
  • *Article history! In the Articles tab, open the menu and you can now browse/open previously viewed articles! very useful if you are offline and want to go back to a cached article. (Max. cache size: 25 articles)
  • Cache size limiting of 25 articles at most. Helps dramatically reduce the file space that the app takes up.
  • Apologies for all the updates, I have been trying to get proper automatic updating working...
  • Bookmarks activity to view/open your bookmarks
  • Retains logged in session between app open/close (if < session timeout of 30 mins). 
  • Add Bookmarks (to CP) of articles/tech blogs/tip/tricks
  • Added automatic updating features
  • Update information tells you what's changed.

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